A Busy October

Updated: May 17

With all the events at the Museum in October, I know there is something of interest for everyone! If you have never been to an "antique roadshow" type of event, the Annual Antique Appraisal Fair is for you. IN the past people have brought in and interesting variety of items for evaluation. Some where "Grandma's" keepsakes and some where "finds" made at garage sales and auctions. A couple where "what the heck is this thing?" items. All where well worth finding out about. Last year, and see our video on facebook for this, a couple had a pair of carved bears that turned out to be worth between $500 and $600 a piece! The wife, Ann, wasn't that thrilled with them when they came in, but quite happy as they left with their treasures. Another year, a Benton picture helped a couple go on vacation ... nice to know what you have! Check out all the events coming up and come be a part of them.

Fall has fallen - October is Here!

Chery Carr Holtman, president Clay County Museum

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