Christmas at the Museum

Updated: May 17

Ah December! Thoughts of sugar plums and peppermint candy canes dancing in our minds? How about Gingerbread? The Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party is this Saturday - a sold out event that brings all those visions - and tastes - to the Museum.

It isn't just for kids either - the young-at-heart come out during the holiday season. Decorating with and eating, all the delicious treats we reserve for Christmas are in full swing at our party. It's a throw back to an earlier time when friends and family gather together to create memories. That's the Museum in a nutshell - candied nuts to be sure.

My grandchildren will look back one day, I hope, with fond memories of how Grandma's roof slide right off it's gingerbread walls due to excess ice(ing.) Grandma can be carried away too - with memories of her Grandmother and the annual Christmas baking extravaganzas of the past.

The momentary treasured works of culinary art - mainly icing and candies - are fun now, but the real bonus for a successful day will be when one of the kids sees a gingerbread house twenty years from now that brings back this day. Maybe he or she will call their sibling or cousin and say, "Hey! You remember when we....?" That is time well spent. Memories well made and remembered.

That is the focus - the mission of the Museum --- remembering the past with today's memories.

Chery Carr Holtman, curator, Clay County Museum

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