Presents under the Tree

Updated: May 17

It's back again! Christmas! It means different things to different people. Certainly presents play a big part of Christmas in a variety of different ways.

Give! It's the cry we hear from everyone from bell ringers outside stores to the endless email appeals to donate money for good causes.

I agree, it's a time to give. But where do we give our money? The lists of needs are endless and many equally as worthy; so it can be a dilemma. But the needs are real - for those giving as well as receiving. Supporting our community and individuals less fortunate than ourselves increases our self-worth. It presents an example of what we want our children to learn firsthand; that people need help sometimes and it is an age old remedy that we engage in when we support charities with our donations. We support our community who in turn support our families with the sense of belonging; of valuing all people and their welfare. Be present in your community.

Merry Christmas from the Museum! We hope to see you in the new year, beginning with February 2022.

Chery Carr Holtman, curator, Clay County Museum

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