The Mounted Rangers of Liberty

Military Company.

The Military Company recently raised in this city, organized on Saturday evening last by the election of the following officers:

Captain—H. L. Routt,

1st. Lieut.—L. L. Talbott,

2d Lieut—John C. Dunn,

3d Lieut.—George W. Morris,

Orderly Sergeant—J. A. Gillispie,

2d Sergeant—M. L. Byers,

3d Sergeant—Rock Stone,

4th Sergeant—D. K. Morton.

1st Corporal—A. F. Withers,

2d Corporal—Edw. Johnson,

3d Corporal—Thomas Murray,

4th Corporal—J. H. Frampton,

Treasurer—Geo. W. Morris,

Secretary—Thomas B. King

The Company is styled the "Mounted Rangere," and will meet every Wednesday evening at the Armory in the Thompson House.

The following individuals compose the company: H. L. Routt, J. A. Gillespie, H. C. Gant, J C Dunn, T B King, Jas c ver. trees, J M Jones, G W Morris, N B Brooks, W L Madden, M L Byers, SR Shrader, A J Wilson, JS Malone, Nth Grant, Amos Stout, M Groom, W W Young, R Beauchamp, George Boorom, Jas Frompton, Moses Dixon, W W Lin. coln, E Sodowsky, J B Hayden, Tom Rowe, John Leonard, D K Morton, E P Armstrong, -wm Trickler, Ed Rosin, J H Ford, Boas Roberts, Kirk Talbott, C D Dickerson, C N Palmer, A J Calhoun, R J Scott, S Hardwick, J M Hogan, J O Gant, W H Lane, R Minter, T Routt, Ed Johnson, J L Steadman, T w Cravens, B F Tillery, P Groom, Mabry Mitchell, AS Parker, Lou Tillery, Ed E Dale, S T Davis, G Bird, jr, J Funk, W Thos Bailey, A F Withers, Rock stone, GA Pence, WD Parker, J C Goodwin, Tom Murray, J Prewitt.

(from Liberty Tribune 1861)

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