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The Museum has stood the test of time - trying time(s.) A drug store since 1877, the building housed a general sundries business prior to that, and for the past fifty-five years this historical museum. Hosting many visitors over the years, we are now abiding by the Stay At Home order and are closed. But we are here whether or not we are able to be open to the public. A new look on the outside with fresh paint, with many new looks on the inside of displays and exhibits, awaits future visits.

The hardest part of being closed is not being able to offer an insight into the past for you. To allow you to take a short travel in time and see how our ancestors lived - and how creative and resilient they were.

Hopefully, in the very near future, we will again open our doors and usher you into the past ... a glimpse into our history, local and personal. Stay safe.


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